Speed. Communication. Technology.

Gawroński & Partners is a law firm specialised in technology, compliance and disputes. 

For the reasons above we have chosen this robocop for our mascot. And yes, Daniel Mróz was way ahead of Paul Verhoeven with this one 🙂

— Maciej Gawroński

copyrights Daniel Mróz

Where law
meets technology

— about us

Gawroński & Partners is an independent Polish business law firm offering a broad range of legal advice, with a special focus on digital transformation

— scope and team

We advise on cloud computing, cyber security, data protection, FinTech, intellectual property, IT, telecommunications. 

We support our clients in mergers and acquisitions, banking law and payment services, financial markets, public procurement, employment.

We advise on compliance systems, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, mobbing, white collar crime.

We handle multimillion and billion disputes.


Gawroński & Partners

T: +48 22 243 49 53

E: info@gppartners.pl

Al. Jana Pawła II 12

00-124 Warsaw

Ilustracja do „Cyberiady” Stanisława Lema, Daniel Mróz ©za zgodą Łucji Mróz-Raynoch
Illustration for „The Cyberiad” by Stanisław Lem, Daniel Mróz © with permission from Łucja Mróz-Raynoch