Will “zero packages” disappear from contracts with telecommunications providers?

Zero packages are a form of additional promotion for users thanks to which, even after using the entire package of Internet services, they can enjoy access to social networks or You Tube content.

 In this way, in a sense, operators are giving a premium to giants such as Facebook, Instagram and You Tube, and this is what the CJEU has been watching closely.

The CJEU, in a Sept. 15 ruling, ruled that preferential billing of Internet packages, i.e. allowing access to certain services despite exhausting the limit, is favoritism to certain service providers.

Isportal, on the pages of which appeared an article describing the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union, asked attorney Maciej Gawronski for comment.

The CJEU has made it clear that contracts concluded with customers must not favor Internet giants. – Such a ruling should also affect the Polish market, as many operators offer so-called “zero packages. Meanwhile, according to the CJEU, in EU countries, giants, e.g. Facebook, Google, Spotify, Instagram cannot secure preferential treatment for themselves. Such practice is forbidden, lest the bigger ones suffocate the weaker ones. As you can see, such regulations should be introduced, because the market is always guided by financial criteria, a higher commission, and the weaker ones can’t afford to pay for unlimited transfers,” explains Counselor Gawronski.

The entire article is available on Isportal.


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