Returning from an overseas trip does not necessarily have to involve 10 days of quarantine isolation. Regulations have just gone into effect that change the scope of restrictions imposed in connection with the plague. The key change in the amended regulation concerns the exemption from quarantine for those crossing our country’s borders with a negative SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic test performed before crossing the border.
Travelers can have it done at a facility accredited by the country’s Ministry of Health (you need to find out in advance whether the country you are traveling to guarantees such a service.

In the legal community, opinions on the changes in the law are divided. Some lawyers point out that this is a violation of the principle of equality of citizens before the law. Those traveling by car are not obliged to quarantine, while those traveling by plane are.

Legal counsel Maciej Gawronski takes a different view, pointing out the most important issue in the matter – security.

The idea is to prevent the possibility of spreading the virus, the lawyer believes. In his view, the state has the right to require additional testing for those who travel collectively, in groups of often dozens of people.

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