The Anti-Crisis Shield II Project.

The portal published an article by Patrycja Rojek-Socha and Jolanta Ojczyk on the controversy surrounding the draft of the Shield II law. The purpose of the amendment is to introduce changes in the rules of service of, among other things, summonses, notices, letters from enforcement, criminal and criminal-criminal proceedings.

The article includes commentary by Attorney Maciej Gawronski.

– For the most part, its provisions are meant to protect officials or give them jobs,” assesses Maciej Gawronski, legal counsel, partner at Gawronski & Partners. – The term “Anti-Crisis Shield II” is misleading and an example of Orwellian newspeak. The bill’s provisions aim to strengthen the protection of the state, its coercive apparatus and surveillance over citizens, according to the best conspiracy theories. The bill should rather be called “The Sword”-assesses Counselor Gawronski.

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