Termination notice sent to an employee’s private email-will it be effective?

The law.pl portal published an article on the issue of the channels by which an employer can contact an employee without violating data protection laws. It is mainly about business correspondence.

Can emails containing business information be sent to an employee’s private communication channels?
Experts’ opinions are divided. As attorney Maciej Gawronski points out, the opinion of the DPA on the matter is not clear.

Personally, I don’t fully share the opinion of the DPA that the list of personal data to which an employer has access is numerus clausus, and that an employer
cannot use any employee data other than that available to it in connection with its recruitment for a job or already in connection
in connection with employment. In doing so, I am aware of the provisions of the Labor Code. It all depends on the circumstances
,” explains attorney Gawronski.

We encourage you to read the entire article and the rest of Maciej Gawronski’s comments.


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