We cordially invite you to celebrate together on 28.01.2021.On this day will be held the celebration of the XV Data Protection Day.
How to celebrate ? The best way is together with attorney Maciej Gawronski who will be one of the speakers at the conference organized by the Office for Personal Data Protection.

The aim of the conference is to exchange views on how to ensure an effective data protection system, with particular reference to the challenges of applying RODO regulations in the new reality caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope to see you in front of your computer screens on 28.01.2021.
We also encourage you to submit discussion questions to 28stycznia@uodo.gov.pl

At this link you will find the Conference program.

Of special note is a panel discussion to be held at 12:00 p.m. “RODO in practice, or challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises,” featuring Anna Kobylanska of Kobylanska Lewoszewski Mednis Law Firm, Anna Matusiak-Wekiera JDP and Pawel Punda of Good Data Protection Standard Ltd. As an extension of the discussion, four data leakage case studies developed by Adam Haertle of ZaufanaTrzeciaStrona.pl will also be presented.

Link to the Conference website


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