Legal ways to spend New Year’s Eve 2020 away from home.

Following the announcement of a national quarantine, under which a curfew was declared, from 7:00 pm on December 31 until 6:00 am on January 1, the Internet was in an uproar. On social networks, Poles are outdoing each other in finding ways to get around the restriction.  The portal published an article yesterday about how going outside the house during the curfew looks from the lawyers’ point of view. The element under interpretation is the possibility of being in a five-person group excluding household members in someone else’s household.

Attorney Maciej Gawronski was asked for his opinion, noting 
“- This means that if you have your house in the Mazurian or mountain areas and there will be a
it a family plus up to five guests, you can spend New Year’s Eve this way,” believes attorney Maciej Gawronski of Gawronski & Partners.”

The entire article is available here.


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