Immunization as a condition for entry to a performance? Unlawful requirements in cultural institutions.

Entities do not have the authority to verify inoculation information.
The President of the Office of Personal Data Protection confirms that health data is subject to special protection (Article 9 of the RODO)

Attorney Maciej Gawronski, comments on the topic, citing Article 24 of the Civil Code on the protection of personal rights:

(…) It is forbidden to make such requirements, because there is no legal basis in any law, which is something that the operators of cinemas, theaters should know. By not letting a person in, one violates personal property, such as the right to privacy, dignity, non-discrimination, i.e. Article 24 of the Civil Code. Therefore, such a person has the right to demand not only a refund, but also compensation in court.” – he stresses.,511648.html


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