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”Well, I don’t really have much time” says Trurl. “The most I can do is stay here for a while, in an advisory capacity. Is that agreeable with you?”
„Basically my dears, the whole thing was quite simple: the moment it accepted the first dispatch and signed for it, it was done for. I employed a special machine. The machine with a big B, for, as the Cosmos is the Cosmos, no one’s licked it yet!”

The Fifth’s Sally, or Trurl’s Prescription “The Cyberiad", Stanisław Lem

We are lawyers of logic, algorithms and patterns.

Our visual identity is based upon the creations of Daniel Mróz – an ingenious graphic and illustrator who illustrated “The Cyberiad”, an iconic book of another genius, the writer Stanisław Lem, as well as the creations of other great Polish writers such as Sławomir Mrożek, Ludwik Jerzy Kern and Stanisław Jerzy Lec.

Daniel Mróz’s illustrations to “The Cyberiad” constitute the foundation of our visual identity on our website and in other materials. In time, as our organisation continues to grow, we hope to reach for other graphics of Daniel Mróz so that the world may continue to remember his great name and creations. We kindly invite anyone interested in promoting Daniel Mroz’s graphics to contact us.

“The Cyberiad” is a serious of stories about a medieval universe of robots, first published in 1965, written by the Polish (mainly) science fiction writer Stanisław Lem, whose books sold worldwide in over thirty million copies in over forty languages. The main characters of “The Cyberiad” are two robots: demiurge-like Constructors Trurl and Klapaucius. Fifty years ago, the world described by Stanislaw Lem in “The Cyberiad” looked fantastic and impossible. Nowadays it is much more realistic and is perceived more as a forecast than a fantasy.

We live in an ever more digital world. GP Partners advises on how to reconcile that digital world and the law. Presently, a robot-like resilience and perfection is expected from lawyers, while knowledge and intelligence are considered a “given”. You should not be surprised then that we look at the Great Constructors Trurl and Klapaucius for inspiration.

Science fiction has inspired us for over forty years. We watch, often scared, as yesterday’s science fiction turns into reality. Stanislaw Lem’s vision and wit, combined with the imagination of Daniel Mroz, resulted in amazing illustrations of “The Cyberiad”. We are honoured that thanks to Daniel Mroz’s daughter, Mrs Łucja Mróz-Raynoch, we are allowed to employ these graphics to express ourselves.



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Ilustracja do „Cyberiady” Stanisława Lema, Daniel Mróz ©za zgodą Łucji Mróz-Raynoch
Illustration for „The Cyberiad” by Stanisław Lem, Daniel Mróz © with permission from Łucja Mróz-Raynoch