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Why it makes sense to join GP Partners and how to do it?


GP Partners is a boutique law firm focused on technology, disputes, and regulations.

We are building our practice based on the experience and reputation of our partners. We are striving to create a “modern” law firm, in terms of both how we advise our clients and the internal dynamics of our team.

Our partners have deep practical knowledge of specialist areas such as IT, cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, cloud computing, e-commerce, anti-money laundering, banking law, financial regulatory, capital markets, cryptocurrencies, white-collar crime, and crisis management.

We usually work in “one partner, one junior” teams. We drew inspiration for that model not from Star Wars but from one of the world’s most prestigious law firms – Slaughter and May. The “one on one” model accelerates competence growth while preserving quality of advice and risk management. The approach is possible thanks to a high degree of trust between our clients and partners of the firm, and is based on the principle of partner responsibility.

In our daily work we separate professional matters from general communication. Thanks to that approach we are able to maintain a collegial, relaxed atmosphere. We have also implemented a so-called “error-accepting” culture: albeit sometimes with pain, and not indefinitely.

At the moment our team consists predominantly of individuals identifying themselves as men. However, that is not due to our policy but a result of pure chance. A few years ago, most of our team consisted of individuals identifying themselves as women. We actively encourage female lawyers to apply, as we would like to bring more balance and diversity to our small team.

Working at GP Partners means participating in exciting matters, with intellectual and organisational challenges. Our matters in some instances exceed PLN one billion in value and are rarely under one million. Unlike global law firms we are not “conflicted out”, and we can run interesting disputes against global firms. We provide effective project crisis management (our role model is Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction). We support our clients’ decision-making process. Our work does not lack adrenaline, but time is always of the essence. The two values most important to us are reaction time and communication. Optimising communication takes time. However, it its time that is most important to our clients.

The best way to learn something is to start to teach. In GP Partners you may easily become a contributor to a book, run a webinar or become a lecturer. Each of our partners has edited a book since joining the firm. Our “Guide to the GDPR” became a Polish bestseller and has been published in English.

Our firm grows organically. We encourage you to grow with us.


Partner:          “Please describe “rescission” as a concept of the Polish Civil Code.”

Candidate:     “I do not see a reason to ask me merit questions in this conversation”.

Partner:          “In that case I do not see a reason to continue this conversation”.

Next, at, a new review appears, according to which “Mr G acts like a March hare”. We would like to spare you, and us, similar experiences.

We value candidates who know the law. In particular the Polish Civil Code and the Polish Code of Commercial Companies, and then the codes of procedures (civil procedure, criminal procedure, administrative procedure). However, first and foremost we value individuals who are capable of fast learning and are not afraid of learning new things. We will teach them communication and the application of law.

That is why we are redefining our recruitment process. We would like to incorporate agile tests (cognitive and language abilities, typing, personal tests, and maybe even legal knowledge tests). We will keep you updated of the process.

Should you be interested in joining us, please send us your bio any time at our general contact email or directly to our partners via LinkedIn.


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Ilustracja do „Cyberiady” Stanisława Lema, Daniel Mróz ©za zgodą Łucji Mróz-Raynoch
Illustration for „The Cyberiad” by Stanisław Lem, Daniel Mróz © with permission from Łucja Mróz-Raynoch