A revolution in telecom contracts.

Significant changes are being prepared in the telecommunications law. This is expected to bring a large number of changes in favor of the consumer. Among them, the need to inform regular customers about the most favorable offers, the reduction of compensation for early termination of the contract. The new electronic communications law is expected to be aligned with the European Electronic Communications Code (EELC).
Consumers will also gain the right to terminate a contract in case of poor performance, but with the exclusion of Internet
access service.
What may be controversial is precisely the exclusion of Internet services as grounds for termination. It is the quality and speed of the Internet connection that creates the difference between the assumptions indicated in the contract and the real values delivered to the consumer.
From a logical and market point of view, it is the problems with the parameters of the link that are the most common, with providers repeatedly failing to meet the values in the contract,” says Maciej Gawronski, legal counsel, partner at Gawronski & Partners. – This exclusion stems from the EK£E, but I don’t know what it is justified by, yet it is a sanctioning of fraud. Lack of liability to the one to whom the obligation is owed is also a violation of the basics of civil law, he adds.

Above that, the new law is expected to consolidate all regulations into one document.
(Its volume could reach dozens of pages).
You can read more about it here, which we encourage you to do


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Ilustracja do „Cyberiady” Stanisława Lema, Daniel Mróz ©za zgodą Łucji Mróz-Raynoch
Ilustracja do „Cyberiady” Stanisława Lema, Daniel Mróz ©za zgodą Łucji Mróz-Raynoch