The Little Book on Drafting Pleadings

In June 2022, a book titled “How to Write Legal Documents and Communicate in Dispute or a Little Book on Writing Pleadings” („Jak pisać pisma procesowe i prowadzić komunikację w sporze czyli książeczka o pisaniu pism”) by authors from GP Partners: Maciej Gawroński and Piotr Biernatowski, is being published.

It is a collection of thoughts on effective written communication in disputes resolved by the court. Some of these thoughts and tips have been positively verified in real life, while some remain speculations. Nevertheless, we have dared to share all of them and to embellish them, to some extent, with fictional examples (any resemblance to persons and situations is purely coincidental).

We hope that our set of tips will be useful to young lawyers, and that experienced lawyers, as well as the authorities of our corporations, will approach it with understanding.

The Little Book has been brilliantly illustrated by Maciej Michalski. We thank Wolters Kluwer Polska publishing house, Monica Pawłowska, Wioletta Kowalska, Agnieszka Zrędzia, and Adam Choiński for their joint work on this project. We also thank Ali Bati, the author of “Unfinished Horse” – one of the most popular internet images (memes), for giving permission to use his graphic in our book.,190163.html.

You can read a fragment of the Little Book (in Polish) here:


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